Consulates in Izmir City


Mustafa Bey Cd. 1387 Sk. Alsancak +90 (232) 464 87 55

Ataturk Cd. No:260 35220 Alsancak +90 (232) 488 88 88

Sehit Fethi Bey Cd. Erboy Ishani No:41 K:7/704 35212 +90 (232) 441 82 00

+90 (232) 483 33 76

Holiday Tourism Inc. Cumhuriyet Is Hani 1375 Sk. No:25-204 35210 Alsancak +90 (232) 464 30 02+90 (232) 464 30 03

Ozture Holding Sehit Nevres Blv. Kizilay Ishani Kat:7 Alsancak +90 (232) 463 63 73+90 (232) 463 47 69

Sair Esref Blv. No: 22 / 106 Cankaya +90 (232) 482 31 82

AOSB 10006 Sk. No: 65 Cigli 35620 +90 (232) 328 18 90

Manas Blv.No:72 Salhane +90 (232) 371 51 50+90 (232) 371 08 66

Akdeniz Cd. No:1/ 702Pasaport +90 (232) 489 54 01+90 (232) 252 06 00

1375 Sk. Muzaffer Apt. No: 18/3 Alsancak +90 (232) 421 81 77

1375 Sk. No:25 Cumhuriyet Ishani K:2 D:204 Alsancak +90 (232) 421 23 32

Eski Belediye Binasi Yani, Alacati, +90 (232) 259 51 60

Cumhuriyet Bulvari No:153 Alsancak +90 (232) 421 42 34+90 (232) 421 42 35

I.A.O.S.B. 10008 Sk. No:1 35620 Cigli +90 (232) 376 84 45

Sehit Fethi Bey Cd. No:122 Kat 2 Alsancak +90 (232) 425 93 53

Anadolu Cd. No:37/39 Koyuncuoglu Han 35010 +90 (232) 461 46 60

Cumhuriyet Meydani Meydan Apt. 11/2 Alsancak +90 (232) 464 02 01

Cumhuriyet Blv. No:109/703 Bulvar Ishani 35210 +90 (232) 489 79 36

1378 Sk. Kordon Ishani 4/1, 2/202 Alsancak +90 (232) 422 01 38

1380 Sk. Alyans Apt. B Blok No:2/1 K:6 D:11 Alsancak +90 (232) 421 30 49+90 (232) 421 42 39+90 (232) 463 48 78

1442 Sk. No:49 Alsancak +90 (232) 463 51 51

Cumhuriyet Meydani Cumhuriyet Apt. K:3 Alsancak +90 (232) 463 66 76

TMG Turizm +90 (232) 425 88 11

Gaziosmanpasa Bul. No:30 Sureyya Reyent Is Merkezi No:4/408 Cankaya +90 (232) 489 77 89+90 (232) 489 49 14

Manas Blv. No:72 Salhane 35010 +90 (232) 371 08 66+90 (232) 371 88 67

Ataturk Bulvari, Keresteci Apt. No:222 Kat 5, Gundogdu +90 (232) 421 28 61

Gazi Blv.No:30/ 3 +90 (232) 484 81 21+90 (232) 483 62 62

Ataturk Cd. 378/6 Alsancak +90 (232) 422 31 38

Cumhuriyet Blv.123/1-603 35210 Alsancak +90 (232) 327 32 63

Ataturk Cd. Pasaport Alsancak +90 (232) 374 01 13

1375 Sk. No:6 D:1 Alsancak +90 (232) 472 18 13 +90 (232) 472 18 15

1378 Sk. K:27201 Kordon Ishani Alsancak +90 (232) 421 92 80+90 (232) 463 32 90

2818 Sk. No:1 Oto Plaza Is Merkezi B Blok 133/A Halkapinar +90 (232) 446 23 33+90 (232) 459 16 16

Gazi Osman Pasa Bulvari Yeni Asir Ishani No:3/8 Daire 807 +90 (232) 483 80 31

No:9 1479 Sk. Alsancak +90 (232) 465 04 63

Yurtici Kargo Tuna Subesi, Fatih Cd., No69, Camdibi +90 (232) 4615186-87

1375. Sk.. No:24, Turkmenoglu Apt. Kat 6/10, Alsancak +90 (232) 463 80 15

Manas Blv.No:72 35010 Alsancak +90 (232) 341 61 88

Cumhuriyet Blv.No:77 +90 (232) 425 90 10

EGOD1. Sanayi Sitesi 2828 Sk. No:3 / 201 Poyraz Oto Karsisi +90 (232) 482 24 85

Ataturk Cd. No:262 Alsancak +90 (232) 421 69 92


Useful Information

Mobile Phone

There are 3 GSM operators in Turkiye being as Turkcell, Avea and Telsim. All of them are daughters or partners of international companies and have roaming agreements with network operators of all participating countries. There are two wave bands for mobile phones in Turkiye: 900 and 1800 MHz. Please check with your provider regarding roaming costs and wave bands. Local GSM operators have prepaid lines, which can be provided at newspaper booths and groceries. Please check that the prepaid cards are in accordance with your line. Additionally, there will be renting possibilities of mobile phones with lines.

Telephone and Fax

Telephone services will be provided by Turkish Telekom. Local and international calling fees will be set according to the Turkish Telekom tariff. Allocation of temporary telephone line is available. The designation of provisional lines will be possible upon signing contract with Turkish Telekom. The Turkish Telekom will provide prepaid fax message and telephone services at the business center.

Working Hours

Banks: Monday-Friday 09:00-17:30
Public offices: Monday-Friday 08:30-17:00

Emergency Phone Numbers

Fire: 110
Ambulance: 112
Police: 155

Time Zone

All of Turkiye is covered by one time zone: in winter GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) + 2; CET (Central European Time) + 1 and EST (Eastern Standard Time in the USA) + 7; and in summer GMT + 3.

Electricity / Phone Patch

The Turkish domestic power system is 220 V AC, 50 Hz. Standard continental two pin plugs (with earth) are used.

Museums in Izmir City

Cesme Museum

Kale Sok. No:1 Cesme/IzmirPhone: +90.232.712 66Open Daily from 08:30 to 17:00
Cesme Museum is located in the 14th Century Genoese fortress on the Cesme waterfront was opened in 1965. Originally the museum exhibited weapons and guns but due to the high humidity these were relocated. Today sculptures, silver and bronze coins, and amphora are being exhibited along with artifacts from local excavations in nearby Ildırı (Erythrai).

Agora Open Air Museum

Phone 0.232.483 46 96 Open to the public between 9.00 -12.00 and 13.00 -18.00
Here you will find the ruins of the Public Square and shopping district of dating back to Roman times in the Namazgah district, at the foot of Mt. Pagos (Kadifekale). Originally the site was uncovered in the mid 30’and further digging started in 1996, this is one of the largest Ionian Agoras. Many of the statues and artifacts uncovered here can be seen in the Izmir

Archaeological Museum
Izmir Archeology MuseumHalit Rifat Pasa Caddesi 4. Konak Phone: .0232. 489 07 96
Open everyday except Monday -: Summer 08.30 - 17.30Opened in 1984, this is a 5000 square meter 3 floor Museum with various halls exhibiting artifacts collected from around the Izmir and specialist halls for ceramics, glass, gold, statues and mosaics.

Izmir Ataturk Museum

Ataturk Caddesi No: 24, Alsancak Phone: 0232.464 80 85Open everyday except Monday -: Summer 08.30 - 17.30
The Ataturk museum was opened in 1941. Originally a merchant’s mansion, the house was presented by Izmir Municipality to Maustafa Kemal Ataturk, to be his base to work from and live in during his visits to Izmir.

Bergama Museum

Zafer Mahallesi, Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:6, Bergama Phone: (0232) 631 28Open everyday except Monday - Summer 08.30 - 17.30
Bergama Museum first opened in 1924 but moved to its present site in 1936. The museum exhibits many statues and artifacts from the Bergama Acropolis and Aesclepion. Bronze and ivory objects and marble statuettes from the Roman period and coins from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods can also be seen here.

The Republican Museum of Education

305 Sokak. No.50 - KaratasPhone: 0.232.489 94 84Open weekdays 09:00 to 17:00Affiliated with the Ministry of education, this Museum exhibits the educational tools, systems and technologies from republican times. On view are many books, diplomas, pictures, a camera display, the museum also hosts a education and research library.

Ege University Botanical Garden

Ege Universitesi Kampusu, Bornova IzmirPhone: 90 232 342 47 88
These gardens located in the Aegean University Campus, were founded in the mid 60's and along with their obvious value for research purposes they aim to give it's visitors an insight into plant cultivation.The gardens cover almost 50,000 square meters and displays over 3,000 species of plants, there are also a number of research and training greenhouses where more exotic plants and cacti are displayed

Ephesus Museum

Ataturk Mahallesi, Kusadasi Caddesi, Selcuk Phone: 90 232 892 60 10 Open everyday except Monday: Summer 08.30 - 17.30
Located in the town of Selcuk, 70 KMs from the city of Izmir, the Ephesus museum exhibits a large collection of statues (e.g. Artemis, Eros, Dionysus and Zeus) and many artifacts excavated from the nearby ruined city of Ephesus.

Ephesus- Selcuk Virgin Mary House

Kusadasi Cad. Selcuk/IzmirPhone: 232.892 60 10Fax: 232.892 70 02
Vatican representatives as well attend the annually held religious ceremonies of August 15. Additionally, every year since 1985, religious ceremonies are held at the Church of Virgin Mary in Ephesus on the first Sunday of October, which is the anniversary of the Council meeting.

Izmir Ethnography (Folk) Museum

Varyant - Konak - IzmirPhone :0232.489 07 96 Open everday except Monday - Summer 08.30 - 17.30
This "Folk Museum" opened in the late 80's in a converted hospital building. In here you will find exhibits depicting the typical social life and work of the Aegean people from the 19th Century onwards.

Izmir Ahmet Piristina City Archive and Museum

Şair Esref Bulvari No:1/A Cankaya Phone: 90 232 441 69 39 Open everday - 09.00 - 18.00
Housed in a converted Fire Station, this museum first opened to the public in 2001 by the late Ahmet Piristina, the Mayor of Izmir at that time. The museum aims to document the 7000 year history of Izmir in addition to the permanent displays; the museum also houses many documents and books relating to Izmir which are catalogued and available to researchers. Remembering the buildings past usage as a Fire Station, there is also a large exhibition dedicated to the history of the Izmir Fire Brigade.

Izmir History and Art Museum

Culture Park IzmirPhone: 90 232 484 89 45 Open everyday except Monday - Summer 08.30 - 17.30
Located in the central Culture Park of Izmir, this modern museum in its 3 exhibition halls exhibits Jewelry, coins, ceramics, glassware, friezes and Statues found in the historical sites around Izmir. Of particular note are the statues of Demeter, Poseidon and Artemis which were found in the Izmir Agora excavations.

Odemis Museum

Birgi yolu, No:88, Odemis Phone: 90 232 545 11 84 Open everday except Monday - Summer 08.30 - 17.30 Opened in 1987
Odemis Museum houses one of the finest collections of embroidery, laces, silk, cotton textiles Oya, and edging in Turkey. Many of the exhibits on display were donated to the museum by the late Mr. Mutehhar Basoglu, a former mayor of Odemis and an avid private collector of embroidery and needle work.

Natural History Museum

Ege Universitesi Tabiat Tarihi Uygulama ve Arastirma Merkezi Bornova IzmirPhone: 90 232 388 26 01 Open weekdays 09.00 - 16.00
Located on the Aegean university campus, the Izmir Natural History Museum is the second largest of its kind in Turkey. There are many displays of Mammal Fossils in the Paleontology gallery, examples of rock, minerals and crystal found in the region along with bird and fish exhibits in the Zoology galleries. The museum also houses a life-sized dinosaur modeled in candle wax.

The Painting And Sculpture Museum

Culture Park IzmirPhone: 90 232 441 41 92Open everday except Monday - Summer 08.30 - 17.30
Izmir's Art and Sculpture Museum hosts both permanent and temporary exhibitions of painting, sculpture, ceramics and photography. Located in the Old Italian pavilion the Museum also offers research facilities, certified Art classes and children's art courses during weekends.

Izmir Trade History Museum

Izmir Chamber of Commerce Ataturk Cad.No:126/1 Pasaport IzmirOpen Weekdays 08.30 - 18.00
This museum was founded by the Izmir Chamber of Commerce and is located on the 1st floor of the chambers offices. On display here is a model of a 1st century merchant ship and many display cases holding Ceramics, seals, glassware, gold silver and bronze coins and Ottoman scales and calculators. There is also a pictorial display of the Izmir Economy conference held in 1923.

Tire Museum

Samizade Meydani No:10 Tire Phone :90 232.512 18 60Open everday except Monday - Summer 08.30 - 17.30
This museum has 2 exhibition halls displaying, sculptures, sarcophagi, ceramics, stained-glass and coinage artifacts. The museum also houses a large collection of bronze, broaches, pins, bracelets, mirrors, lamps and utensils.

The Railway Museum

Ataturk Cad. No:444 Opposite Alsancak Railway Station Phone:464 31 31 ext: 4520Open Weekdays 12.00 - 18.00
The museum first opened in 1990 and was renovated as recently as 2003, the building was originally a warehouse built by the British merchants in the 1800's. In here there are many examples of railway memorabilia, ticketing machines, scales, lanterns, timetables, badges, pictures and photographs illustrating the 150 year history of the Izmir Aydin railway.


There has been a settlement in Izmir, formally Smyrna, since 3000 BC. The Trojans were the 1st inhabitants and according to excavations, the city was founded in an area known today as Tepekule in the Bayrakli district, which lies to the east of the Gulf of Izmir. Izmir is also credited with being the birthplace of the legendary poet Homer, who is believed to have lived there in the 8th century BC.

The city went through a few invasions, destructions and reconstructions until Alexandra the Great began the construction of a castle on the top of Mt. Pagos (Kadifekale) somewhere around 330 BC.

After Alexandra, around 290 BC, the Pergamons took over the city, which by then had expanded outside the castle walls and centered itself in the harbor region, before they handed over to the Romans around the 1st century BC.

Despite burning the odd Bishop (Bishop Polycarpe 166 AD) suffering a major earthquake (178 AD) and putting off a siege by Attila the Hun (440 AD) The Romans managed to hold onto the city which was reputed to be "The most beautiful city in Asia" and also became the Capital city for the Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantine) until the Selcuks arrived in 1076 AD.
By this time Izmir had become quite cosmopolitan and was a commercially important port, as a result, everybody it seemed wanted a slice of the action and Izmir went through a turbulent period. In1098 the Byzantines came back, 1320 the Selcuks returned, in 1334 the Crusaders took their turn, 1402 brought the Turks (who are credited with naming the city Izmir) then in 1426 came the Ottomans who carried on all the way until after the 2nd world war 1919 when the Greeks tried their hand. This did not last for long though because on September the 9th 1922 during the Turkish National war of Independence Mustafa Kemal Ataturk took the city back and Izmir became one of the cornerstones of the current Turkish Republic.

About Izmir City

Izmir is an attractive cosmopolitan city with lots of history and interesting places to visit both inside and outside the city boundaries. This makes Izmir an ideal hub where you can spend a few days and use as a staging post to explore the region from alternatively you may wish simply to discover the City of Izmir and what it has to offer, below are just a few places of interest within the City where you may like to spend a little of your time whilst visiting.

Cumhuriyet Meydani - Republic Square

Housing Pietro Canonica's famous monument of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk sitting astride his charger pointing out to sea Cumhuriyet Meydan is generally accepted as being the heart of Izmir. This is where Izmir holds all its official military, memorial and national parades, sometimes political protest rallies or sporting celebrations are also held here. The square is surrounded on three sides by gardens and palm trees with a central paved area providing a perfect photo opportunity for your holiday snaps.


The district of Pasaport can be found between Alsancak and Konak districts. Originally this was a "bonded" area where merchants, customs halls and other commercial activities took place. The harbor area is now mainly used by small commercial craft, there is also a ferry port and some Turkish Navel vessels can often be seen moored by the Konak Pier. The waterfront quarters a host of Bars, Cafes and Tea houses where the locals relax with their water pipes and play backgammon well into the night.


This area is the "original" center of Izmir, it is the shopping center and home to the Town Hall (Belidiye) Main Police Station and until recently the main law courts. Konak is also the transport hub of the city, the point where Bus, Ferry and Metro all meet.
As you enter the district from Pasaport, you will find Konak Pier and customs buildings. Konak Pier is a steel lattice construction built in 1854 and believed to be designed by the famous Gustav Eifel or one of his protégés. The structure remained a customs building for many years however today the building has been fully restored to it's former glory and is used as a shopping and entertainment center with lots of boutique shops, Bars, coffee shops and even a Cinema inside.

Konak Meydani - Konak Square

The center piece of the square is Izmir's famous Clock Tower (Saat Kulesi) which is the "Official" symbol for the city. Built in 1901 by Grand Vizier Kucuk Said Pasa to celebrate the silver jubilee of the coronation of Sultan Abdulhamit II, the tower is ornately decorated in traditional Ottoman style and another photo opportunity not to be missed.
Also located in Konak Square is an attractive little Mosque with ceramic mosaic walls and a single minaret.

Asansor - The Lift

Located in Mithatpasa, the "Asansor" was erected in 1907 by local businessman Nesim Levi to provide easy access for residents of the villas on the top of the hill. Unfortunately this 50 meter brick tower fell into disrepair and was for many years out of service until 1992 when the structure was fully renovated and brought back into service. Today the asensor is mainly used to provide access to the Asensor Restaurant and Cafe where diners can relax enjoy both good food and a spectacular view of the city .